42 at 24: Things I Learned From My First Marathon

Last three weeks ago, I completed the The Bull Run Marathon held in Nuvali, Laguna. It was a race specifically designed for runners who are doing their marathon for the first and/or second time.It was a grueling 42.195km battle between me, the unforgiving uphill and downhill of the route and my own body as I hit the road step by step. It was the toughest challenge that I have overcome as I finished it 5 hours and 51 minutes.Read More »


This is How You Practice Positivity Every Single Day

The world will pull you down every day. The news on the television, on your social media accounts, or even have a look outside, all of these will test your faith and your beliefs. They will either make or break you. These things will try to make it hard for you to be optimistic – to be happy. But the truth is, these things have no control over you. It is on how you react to these things that determines the outcome.

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